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Q. What is the minimum contract term?

A. Three months.

Q. Can you offer a list of locations?

A. We have a full list of locations for each service and these can be made available to you.

Q. How many brochures or flyers do you need?

A. Between 3,000 & 30,000. The true number depends on the service or services required, brochure type (double-sided or multiple pages) and thickness of the brochure. We can provide you with advice on all these factors and together come up with the number of brochures required. We can also help with our printing.

Q. Do your services include cafés, clubs & pubs?

A. If you have an accurate list of such locations that you like us to deliver to, call us as we will be able to assist you. But we specialise in accommodation and travel-related locations but can help you with such services.

Q. Can I have multiple brochures in one slot?

A. No, one brochure per slot. If you have more than one brochure (IE another language) then call us to quote a package for two or more brochures.

Q. Can I have different brochures for different services?

A. Yes. Our Boutique & Youth service is set up especially for a second brochure or offer.

Q. How often do you refill the displays?

A. Anything from twice a week to every four weeks. Depending on the location. It takes three weeks to be in over 95% of our locations.

Q. Is the Sydney Visitor Centre - The Rocks included automatically?

A. No, this is a ‘pay to display’ location with another company, you will need to contact them directly. We can provide your brochures to them once that agreement is in place.

Q. Are the City of Sydney Information Booths at Kings Cross, Haymarket & Circular Quay included?

A. Yes! The Informed Tourist holds an exclusive contract with City of Sydney for these locations.

Q. Can I make seasonal changes to the brochure?

A. Yes! We allow brochure change-overs to occur as often as every three months.

Q. How soon can you begin a service?

A. Once the brochure arrive at our warehouse we can begin the very next business day.

Q. Is distribution and display of brochures an effective method of marketing?

A. Yes. All our clients are professional tourism operators who continue with forms of marketing that provide the best value for money and positive results – brochures work. 

Q. Is brochure distribution an affordable method of marketing?

A. Yes. We offer a wide range of options, starting from $0.10 cents per site per day (conditions apply). We have clients who tell us that this is still their most cost-effective method of marketing.

Q. What areas of Sydney are covered by your services?

A. Everywhere in Metropolitan Sydney, from Bondi to Penrith and Narrabeen to Cronulla. Most of our locations are in the Sydney CBD or nearby suburbs.

Q. Can I choose which brochures I use and where they are placed?

A. Yes.  We have a range of services available. Contact us to talk more.

Q. How does brochure distribution fit with internet marketing?

A. The internet is widely used for travel planning, however after leaving home, travellers and tourists continue to name brochures as their number one source of information. We even have web-based businesses that use our services.

Q. Can one of our staff visit the locations carrying our brochures?

A. Definitely! We are transparent about our lists of outlets, plus we offer time with one of our drivers, who can show you or them around one of the runs, for a half day or more.

Q. Can you give me tips to help my brochure display well in the stands?

A. We have seen countless brochures over many years – we have seen what works and what doesn’t. If we can help you avoid expensive mistakes we will be happy to talk with you.

Q. Is there any government assistance or funding available to support marketing activities?

A. You or your business may qualify for an EMDG – Export Markets Development Grant, this is to assist in funding your marketing activities.  Information regarding the grant scheme is available from AUSTRADE.

Q. Can I order brochure for my hotel or tour desk on this site.

A. Yes you can order brochures on our parent website The Informed Tourist.

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