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Brochure Distribution Services Sydney

Delivering Brochures, keeping them updated & in stock is hard work... We make it easy!

How can you meet the people selling your product?

Helping to introduce you to the hotel and tour desk staff that promote and sell your business.

How do you get your product into Sydney hotels?

We can help secure your spot and ensure that you are displayed in over 200 Sydney locations.

If you make a change, how do you let everyone know?

Updating all our locations weekly, so if you make a product update let us know and it will be distributed ASAP.


We deliver to hundreds of Sydney Hotels, Apartments, Tour Desks and information centres.


Our Sydney Brochure Distribution services allow you to store all your brochures in one place and we distribute them for you.
Saving you time and money.

Be Connected

We can connect you with the people selling your tours. Hotel staff/Concierge,  tour desk and info desk resellers and more.

Stay up to date

If you make a brochure change just give us the new brochures and we will ensure that you are all up to date ASAP. We make it easy, let us do the work for you.

We are here to help

Why work with us?

The Informed Tourist is the leading Sydney brochure distribution company specialising in all forms of tourism literature. We are experts in our unique area of tourism marketing. We will provide you with the highest possible service with an unmatched commitment to quality through people, process and education. Our impressive client database covers all major tourist attractions, harbour cruises operators and day trip experiences in Sydney and beyond. With over 100 clients such as Merlin Entertainments, City of Sydney and Big Bus, The Informed Tourist is the smart solution that delivers maximum exposure in a targeted, cost efficient manner.

We offer a great range of packages and  solutions and will work with you to select the best distribution package to suit your needs.

With over 120 clients and up to 298 outlets

We specialise in tourism literature

Be Seen Save Time Hundreds of Locations

Save time and be seen by tourists at hundreds of locations throughout Sydney and thousands per day city-wide.
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Brochures consider altering their travel plans




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Picked up a brochure became aware of a business. 

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Brochure orders makes up a significant chunk of our distribution

Brochure orders makes up a significant chunk of our distribution

Sydney Brochure Distribution  We’re the dedicated and expert brochure distribution company in Sydney. Second to none in getting tourism brochures, guides and maps in front of in-destination tourists. More often than not this is via our excellent and easy to use...

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If you are already a member of The Informed Tourist and you are looking for our online brochure ordering service.

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